Farm to Hospital

North Central Region hospitals and hospital systems represent a potential multi-million dollar market for sustainable farmers. Our research shows that many hospitals and their food service employees are interested in increasing purchase of local, sustainably produced food. In addition, many sustainable farmers and producers are interested in selling their products to hospitals in their communities. While many leading hospital and health systems have shown that it is possible to purchase a considerable portion of their food budgets from sustainable farmers and producers, many sustainable farmers and producers have not yet been able to access this market in any significant way.

When these procurement connections are made, there can be many benefits for hospitals, their patients and staff, sustainable farmers, and rural communities near and far including but not limited to:

  • Increased patient and employee satisfaction
  • Improved public image
  • Reduced farmer and farm worker exposure to health-threatening chemicals
  • Improved rural water quality
  • Improved soil health
  • Reduced use of antibiotics for routine, nontherapeutic agricultural purposes
  • Improved economic health for rural communities
  • New revenue sources for sustainable farmers and producers
  • More diverse markets for sustainable farmers and producers
  • Increased access to healthier food
  • Greater understanding of where food originates and how it is produced

Hospitals and sustainable farmers/producers are encouraged to review or download the resources and in doing so help to make North Central Region hospitals a real market for sustainable farmers and ranchers that is both significant in size and straightforward for farmers and ranchers to access. 

Additional Farm to Hospital Resources

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