Staff and Advisors

Colleen Borgendale

Communications Specialist

Colleen Borgendale is the communications specialist at IATP. Her responsibilities include the design and production of print and online publications and managing social media.

Dr. M. Jahi Chappell

Director of Agroecology and Agriculture Policy

Dr. M. Jahi Chappell is the director of Agroecology and Agriculture Policy at IATP.

Anna Claussen

Director of Rural Strategies

Anna Claussen is the director of Rural Strategies at IATP.

Yohannes Ghebru

Accounting Manager

Yohannes Ghebru is the finance assistant at IATP.

Karen Hansen-Kuhn

Director International Strategies

Karen Hansen-Kuhn is the director of IATP's International Strategies Program and works in Washington, D.C.

Jim Harkness

Senior Advisor on China

Jim Harkness is Senior Advisor on China

Kate Hoff

Vice President for Development

Kate Hoff is the vice president for development at IATP.

Pete Huff

Director of Food Systems

Pete Huff is the Director of Food Systems at IATP.

Dennis Keeney

Senior Advisor

Dr. Dennis Keeney is a senior advisor to IATP on Soil Science and Sustainable Agriculture since 2000 and served as the first director of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

Jim Kleinschmit

Senior Advisor on Climate, Energy and Sustainable Systems

Jim Kleinschmit is the director of IATP's Director of Climate and Energy Initiatives.

Patti Landres


Patti sorts and organizes all of IATP's documents and archives.

Ben Lilliston

Vice President for Program

Ben Lilliston oversees IATP’s programs and strategy to ensure they are effective, coordinated and true to mission.

Melissa Lowe

Executive Assistant

Melissa is the executive assistant at IATP.

Juliette Majot


Juliette Majot is president of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Erin McKee VanSlooten

Senior Program Associate for Farm to Institution

Erin McKee VanSlooten is a program associate with IATP's Farm to Institution program.

Sophia Murphy

Senior Advisor

Sophia Murphy is a senior advisor to IATP on Trade and Food Security.

Karen Quiroz

Grant Writer

Karen Quiroz is a grant writer with IATP.

Corinne Rafferty

Vice President for Organization

Corinne Rafferty is the vice president for programs at IATP.

Catherine Reagan

Program Assistant

Catherine Reagan is a program assistant with IATP and helps with reporting, research and administrative duties throughout the organization.

Tara Ritter

Program Associate for Climate and Rural Communities

Tara Ritter is a program associate with IATP.

Shefali Sharma

Director Agricultural Commodities and Globalization

Shefali Sharma is director of IATP's Agricultural Commodities and Globalization Initiatives.

Dr. Steve Suppan

Senior Policy Analyst for Market Regulation, Trade and Technology

Dr. Steve Suppan is a senior policy analyst focusing on agriculture, trade and food safety policy.

Patrick Tsai

Senior Programmer

Patrick Tsai's duties include research, writing and policy analysis.

Shiney Varghese

Senior Policy Analyst for Water, Agroecology and Global Governance

Shiney Varghese leads IATP's work on global water policy.

Linda Vieira

Building Manager

Linda Vieira is responsible for the well-being of IATP's 100-year-old office buildings.

Dale Wiehoff

Vice President for Communications and IT

Dale Wiehoff is responsible for overseeing the internal and external communications systems, publications, Web sites and media relations for IATP.


Laurel Curran

Laurel graduated in 2013 from Wheaton College with a B.A. in International Relations. Before coming to IATP she worked on a 6,400-acre dryland organic farm in Northern Hill County Montana, where she got hands-on experience in farm management and sustainable food production. Outside of IATP, she owns a small web design company with her husband and enjoys eventing with her horse Habanero.

Mitch Grace

Mitch Grace graduated from the University of Delaware with BAs in International Relations and Anthropology. Originally intending to pursue race and gender studies in the Middle East, her previous internships have included a summer with the Institute for Islamic Studies in Herndon, VA and a State Dept Arabic Language program in Salalah, Oman. Since starting her PhD in the department of Geography at UMN, her studies in race and gender have taken a local focus. She is currently writing her Masters thesis on the reproduction of race, and particularly, of whiteness, within the structures and institutions of the American food system. Her work with Jose Oliva at the Food Chain Workers Alliance brought her to the IATP to work with Pete Huff on the implementation of the FCWA's Good Food Purchasing Pledge in the Twin Cities.

Gwen Jenkins

During her summer at IATP, Gwen is working with Shefali to research factory farm regulations in the U.S. and E.U., and how these regulations may be affected by the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). She holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Carleton College, and has previously interned at the National Family Farm Coalition, Grassroots Solutions, and Gardening Matters. When not at work or on her bike, Gwen enjoys photography, bargain hunting, and watching her container garden grow.