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CETA: Selling Off the Farm

Agribusiness operating in North America (Canada, U.S. and Mexico) will utilize CETA—with or without TTIP—to achieve the removal of important regulatory barriers to agribusiness trade.

Undocumented farmworkers and the U.S. agribusiness economic model

A xenophobic immigration policy will run afoul of some of the biggest agribusinesses that depend on a marginalized low-wage workforce.

Selling Off the Farm: Speakers tour on CETA, TTIP and Trump

In December, IATP met with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), followed by public events, press conferences and meetings with politicians across Europe to highlight the critical problems with CETA and TTIP for European agriculture

NAFTA: failed trade policy comes back to where it began

Celebrating TPP's defeat at the birthplace of NAFTA, another trade policy failure

Trade winds of change: charting a new course

In our first "Blog from the Executive Director," Juliette discusses the trade options that are being ignored by the media and presidential candidates.

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