Money and Politics

Used under Creative Commons license from Flickr user ervins_strauhmanis

Corporate and financial interests have too much influence over government and international institutions. Building a fair and sustainable farm and food system requires a responsive and accountable democracy.

Corporate cash vs the rest of us on Fast Track

The money behind Fast Track and corporate free trade agreements.

Big Meat Lobby to Attack New Dietary Guidelines

New dietary guidelines take into account environmental footprint of our food, making the meat industry unhappy.

Agribusiness and food corporations are not people

Citizens United has unleashed agribusiness to buy the government it wants. Real citizens are fighting back.

Farmers and eaters lose, corporate money wins in budget deal

Amazingly terrible spending agreement illustrates heavy price we pay due to corporate influence in politics.

Wall Street manipulates Main Street, again

Main Street is doing itself no favors by continuing to enable Wall Street to operate with impunity.

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