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Whether they involve trade agreements or global climate finance deals, the rules governing markets matter. IATP challenges market rules that favor large corporations or financial speculators over small-scale farmers and consumers.

Served by TTIP

Europeans are concerned that TTIP could bring them dangerous food products that in some cases are already being served to Americans.

TTIP: Food safety chapter focuses only on resources "necessary" for expanding trade

An analysis of the European Commission’s proposed chapter on food safety, plant health and animal health and welfare (SPS).

Serving grains and legumes the Farm to School way

Healthy, regionally grown grains and legumes are a growing part of Farm to School.

Whose Century Is It?: The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Food and the “21st-Century Trade Agreement”

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Food and the “21st-Century Trade Agreement”

Agribusiness and food corporations are not people

Citizens United has unleashed agribusiness to buy the government it wants. Real citizens are fighting back.

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