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Food from plants and animals is the source of nutrition our bodies need to live. It also provides culture, community and joy. The lack of food and poor quality food leads to suffering and ill-health.

Let’s give food and farmers a fighting chance!

Support IATP with a tax-deductible donation today and help us give food and farmers a fighting chance.

Stop the DARK Act and label food containing GMOs!

Don’t let agribusiness and big food keep us in the dark about what is in our food. Take action now!

Mo’ benefits, mo’ productivity, less problems

New research shows that production from organic agriculture shapes up better against input-heavy conventional agriculture than previously thought.

Don't let Big Meat eat our bumper crop

Record production, corporate sponsored legislation and Big Meat teeing up exports means the scene is set for an explosion in factory farms. Consumers and rural communities deserve better.

Trade vs. local economies: Procurement on the table

Free trade agreements threaten local procurement programs. A new IATP paper digs into what's at risk.

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