Climate Change

Used under Creative Commons license from Flickr user pagedooley

Climate change and agriculture are tied directly to social equity and development. Agriculture is both a cause and solution to global warming. Climate change creates new challenges to food production and the people who produce it.

Plotting the course: COP21 and agriculture

Agriculture sidestepped in the global climate agreement

The Clever Ambiguity of Climate Smart Agriculture

Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture

What to make of the soil carbon initiative launched in Paris

The 4 pour 1000 initiative has attracted growing interest because of the well-recognized need to focus on soil health in order to cope with climate-related impacts on agriculture.

What’s wrong with “climate smart” agriculture?

Learn why 350 civil society organization charged climate smart agriculture as opening the door to agribusiness greenwashing.

Renewable Energy: Why Emissions and the Economy Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Renewable energy must address more than money and emissions. Minnesota has a program that does just that.

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