Farm to Childcare Curriculum Package

By Erin McKee VanSlooten   JoAnne Berkenkamp, Madeline Kastler, Lynn Mader, Cisa Keller, Cara Johnson-Bader, Bev Bauman, Juli Seehusen, Jenny Breenand Whitney Ulvestad
Published July 15, 2014

Local FoodFood and HealthFarm to InstitutionFarm to ChildcareEducationSustainable Agriculture

Inside this curriculum package, you will find activity ideas and resources for implementing Farm to Childcare at your  childcare center. Many of these resources are ready to use, while some are examples that offer opportunities for you to customize to your own context. Lesson planning charts are provided to help you introduce the children at your center to locally grown food items and concepts.

Download the full curriculum.

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