Rural Development

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Rural America is a changing landscape, where renewable energy, new markets for food and crops, and new residents can serve as a basis for more resilient and sustainable farms, rural economies and ecosystems.

The legacy of lost credibility in fly over country

Many of the core issues facing rural America are shared by people in all parts of the country: economic uncertainty, wage stagnation, overwhelming personal and college debt, poor health care, and yes, a changing climate

Climate Democracy for Rural Communities

There is a common misconception that you can't talk about climate change in rural communities. With the Citizen Jury process, we're proving this wrong and empowering rural residents to collaborate and become community leaders on climate change.

Clean Power Plan and an equitable energy transition in rural America

The Clean Power Plan is a critical step in the fight against climate change, and it can also increase rural resilience if done right.

Building Minnesota’s Farm to Institution Markets

Farm to School, Farm to Hospital, Farm to Institution -- while these markets are growing for local producers, they come with challenges.

High tunnels can bring benefits to farmers and schools

A new report looks at the best practices in high tunnel use and Farm to School activities while exploring the potential to link the two practices more effectively.

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