Rural Development

Used under Creative Commons license from Flickr user pagedooley

Rural America is a changing landscape, where renewable energy, new markets for food and crops, and new residents can serve as a basis for more resilient and sustainable farms, rural economies and ecosystems.

Open-source seeds challenge Monsanto, support International Day of Farmers' Struggles

Seeds should be the property of the commons rather than a profit engine for the world's "Gene Giants."

Scaling up agroecology: A tool for policy

IATP's new report, Scaling up Agroecology: Toward the Realization of the Right to Food, begins from five principles of agroecology, presents examples of practices that could be used to implement that approach.

New UN report calls for transformation in agriculture

A United Nations commission report calls for changes in our food, agriculture and trade systems "before it's too late."

Trade rules versus sustainability

The long arm of trade law and how it can obstruct national, state and even local efforts toward sustainability.

New report raises concerns about expansion of frac sand mines in Minnesota and Wisconsin

The true economic impact of frac sand mining may fall short of industry claims promising sustained prosperity and economic opportunity.

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