Used under Creative Commons license from Flickr user clearlyambiguous

Drawing upon citizens' voices: Deep democracy in action

Through the food movement, people around the world are creating new ways of participating in democracy and changing the food landscape in their local community.

Recognizing food sovereignty

Congratulations to the co-winners of the 2014 Food Sovereignty Prize: Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) of Palestine and Community to Community/Comunidad a Comunidad.

Scientists praise and challenge FAO on agroecology

Nearly 70 scientists and scholars of sustainable agriculture and food systems sent an open letter to the FAO praising and challenging the organization on agroecology.

“Sustainable intensification” is unsustainable

"Sustainable intensification," although an idea on the rise, is not the solution many organizations and top thinkers claim. There is more to consider than growing more food on less land.

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