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Agriculture can provide an abundant supply of food, economic resiliency for local economies and financial success for farmers and peasants, all without exploiting people or nature.

Industrial production of poultry gives rise to deadly strains of bird flu H5Nx

Multiple outbreaks of deadly H5 bird flu are decimating poultry across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Big Poultry and its collaborators in government are blaming wild waterfowl, rather than face the facts.

Undocumented farmworkers and the U.S. agribusiness economic model

A xenophobic immigration policy will run afoul of some of the biggest agribusinesses that depend on a marginalized low-wage workforce.

The legacy of lost credibility in fly over country

Many of the core issues facing rural America are shared by people in all parts of the country: economic uncertainty, wage stagnation, overwhelming personal and college debt, poor health care, and yes, a changing climate

Farm & Food groups call for new way on NAFTA

NAFTA re-negotiation must be good for people and the planet, not just mega corporations, say a collection of food and farm groups. Trump's rhetoric and actions against Mexico will only make things worse.

TPP Dumping on U.S. Dairy Farmers

An oversupply of raw milk has led to dumping millions of gallons of milk, so why did the U.S. Trade Representative lower tariffs to increase dairy imports?





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