It’s time to move Beyond the Farm Bill

Posted October 22, 2013 by IATP   

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Used under creative commons license from Bread for the World.

The Farm Bill was designed to reign in price volatility, manage supply and protect nature while providing vital nutrition programs for the country’s poor. Instead, it’s been ravaged by constant corporate assault and a Congress too emboldened with industry money to stand up for our best interests.

The result? An agriculture system that is highly productive at the expense of health, the environment and rural communities.

It's time to move Beyond the Farm Bill and design the type of food and agriculture policy we need. One that provides: 

  Fair prices for farmers.

  Safe food for everyone.

  Access to healthy food.

  Fair pay and dignity for food workers.

  Local control and fair competition.

  A voice for all Americans in food policy.

  Protected natural resources.

The Farm Bill can no longer deliver. Now it’s up to us.

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